For many years I was a teacher and researcher at University engaged with environmental sustainability. My inspiration and hope is that intelligent and focused altruism that promotes caring for ourselves, and our planet, will one day triumph over our selfish and narcissistic preoccupation with materialism, consumption and money.

I have a PhD in environmental economics and my passion is nature and sustainability. I believe the solution to our environmental crisis rests with people and communities, many of whom are also in crisis as capitalism and greed reach all corners of our world. Languages and culture are disappearing as fast as our species and habitats – all in the name of ‘progress’, which today is just a smoke screen for ‘greed’ which our politicians hide behind. Some may argue that we are ‘progressing’ – the destruction of nature and disruption of our weather systems caused by climate change is a price worth paying. We are after all living longer, and we have larger TVs and several cars per household, but is progress being truly measured….. what is the point of a long life if we are lonely, physically weak and depressed?

I do not have any easy answers, (indeed I don’t think there are any) but I do have some ideas – some small, some quite big, and all hoping to inspire or motivate other folk to live a more sustainable life through the contribution they make as individual citizens of planet earth, but also as members of the community (local, national, and global). I have always cared about nature but along the way I have been inspired by amazing people who were further ahead in the journey than I. Jacques Costeau and David Attenborough of course but for me the great hero (and the inspiration behind my moniker) is a middle-aged shepherd in France who decided to restore the ruined landscape of the isolated and largely abandoned valley by single-handedly cultivating a forest, by planting trees. His name was Elz√©ard Bouffier and you can read his story on line (see Profile Links). I hope you enjoy my musings and please feel free to contact me if you feel inspired to do so or have something to add or share. Thanks.